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Which one is the World’s highest-altitude civilian airport?
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Daocheng Yading Airport serves Daocheng County in the Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Provence in China. It sits 4,411 meters above sea level and has a runway that totals 4,200 meters in length. As such, it is the world’s highest civil airport. Due to the complex geographical environment and harsh climate, the aircraft performance in Daocheng Yading is greatly limited. For this reason, it is particularly important to measure the airport’s outline weather parameters, such as wind, pressure, temperature and humidity, as well as specialized aviational indicators like Runway Visual Range (RVR) and present weather conditions.

Demanding Heights
The high altitude of Daocheng Yading is the biggest challenge affecting the airport’s operations. In addition to the extreme weather conditions and the complex geographical environment, that is common for all highland airports, the altitude of 4,411 meters renders it unprecedentedly difficult for aircrafts to approach and land on the airport.
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About Daocheng Yading
Daocheng Yading Airport is
a civil airport in Garzê
Tibetan Autonomous
Prefecture. It is located at
Haizi Mountain, 50 km away
from the north of Daocheng
County. Situated 4,411
meters above sea level, it is
the highest civil airport in
the world.
Measuring Weather at the
Highest Airport in the World

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