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It provides, potassium, B12 calcium and vitamin D, which
are lacking in many diets
( 4 ). Milk is also a good
source of vitamin A,
magnesium, zinc and
thiamine (B1).
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The amount of milk the body
needs varies according to
developmental stage, age and
gender. Milk is a highly beneficial
food rich in fat and protein and
very useful in terms of keeping a
balanced diet. A glass of milk
contains around 285 milligrams of
calcium, which corresponds to 30
percent of your daily need for
milk. But it must be noted that
the calcium in milk is more
beneficial than the calcium found
in vegetables and other food
since milk has better
bioavailability in terms of calcium.
Other nutrients found in milk
include biotin, iodine, magnesium,
potassium, vitamins A, B2, B5,
B12, D, K, selenium and thiamine.
However, experts generally
recommend consuming dairy
products rather than drinking milk
since they are a good source of
calcium. Especially in adult women,
sufficient levels of protein must

be taken to help the protection
of bone and muscle structure.
Healthy proteins can be found in
poultry, fish, legumes and cereals
like quinoa.
Drinking full-fat milk on a regular
basis is recommended for women
trying to get pregnant.
Conjugated linoleic acid in milk
protects the body from
atherosclerosis and various
cancers while helping boost the
immune system.
Drinking milk increases muscle
building and recovery of muscles
after exercise.
Trans-palmitoleic acid found in
milk protects the body from type
2 diabetes.
The reactions seen in people
allergic to cow milk can even
result in death.
Casomorphin, one of the casein
fragments found in milk, has an
antiseptic feature but can
improve the symptoms of autism
in autistic children.
An excessive intake of milk can
cause prostate cancer in men and
Crohn's disease in general. The
negative effects stated in the
last three articles of the list
portray the results of the studies
conducted with excessive
consumption of milk.
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They are absolutely averse to drinking a glass of empty milk.But this milk is called super food or complete food.It contains calcium,potassium,phosphorus,protein,vitaminA,vitamin D,vitamin B12,niacin and riboflavin.The various nutritional properties of milk can keep you healthy,strong and healthy.

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