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 How do Eye care for computer user?

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You may have to work with a computer for hours every day; That's why you have to keep looking at the monitor. Maybe the next line blends into the previous line while reading on the screen, or a word blends into the surrounding words; Distant objects appear blurry for a while when looking up while working on the monitor; Sometimes two images of the same thing are seen. In this case, you may be worried, whether your eyes are damaged while working on the computer regularly?

index Eye care for computer users.

Computer vision syndrome or CVS

can assure you that working on the computer has damaged the eyes—yet such complaints are unheard of. However, about 60-70 percent of people who regularly work with computer monitors are affected by computer vision syndrome or CVS. Monitors, however, do not produce this syndrome. In fact, if the normal functioning of the computer is interrupted due to structural, functional or biochemical abnormalities of the eye, then that situation is Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS. If one comes across CVS and tends to ignore it, in the future various complications may lead to disruption of computer work or complete avoidance of computer work.

That's why you should pay special attention to the monitor and eyes to overcome these problems. For example-

1. Monitor quality should be better.

2. The computer monitor should always be 4 inches-8 inches below eye level and 20 inches-28 inches away. The monitor should be placed slightly upwards.

3. The brightness and contrast levels of the monitor should be kept at eye-tolerable levels. The font size should be as large as possible and the background color of the computer screen should be comfortable for the eyes.

4. The light in the room should be kept in such a way that the light does not reflect directly on the monitor or eyes.

5. It is better if the keyboard is hand held, otherwise the keyboard should be placed as close to the monitor as possible so that the eye movement from the monitor to the keyboard is less.

6. If the office is small and isolated from the outside view, then the opposite side of the monitor or if necessary the screen should be placed in a landscape that will relax the eyes during leisure time.

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