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Science Congress promotes scientists and experts in constantly exploring the possibility of launching innovative new products to meet the needs of today’s ever curious and adventurous consumers. Home grown companies are invited to share its history and journey over the years in Singapore. Panellists will also discuss how science and technology has enabled them to improve their processes and reinvent their products to remain innovative and competitive.

You will also have the opportunity to learn from your peers, showcase your scientific prowess, learn new experimental techniques and open your minds to the various applications of science.

The highlights of the event are as follows:
* Panel Discussion: A platform to interact with the experts and pioneers who have been the driving forces of science and technology.
* Poster Competition: Provides a great opportunity for students to showcase their science projects or innovative ideas from concept to design.
* Scientific Workshop cum competition: Engaging workshops and exciting activities that encompass multidisciplinary sciences.
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The Indian Science Congress Association or ISCA was formed in 1914 in Calcutta. Its head office is located in Kolkata. Every year in the first week of January, the session of Indian Science Congress is held in different cities of India. Its first session was held in Calcutta in 1914.

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